Assoc. prof. Boryan Yanev, Institutional Erasmus+ coordinator, and Dimitar Karamitev, International Relations Officer, visited the town of Maastricht last week to negotiate a partnership with The Orange Academy – a Dutch organisation that works in the field of Erasmus+ traineeship programmes.

The visit was quite productive as it comprised of meetings with the CEO of the academy, Mr. Stefan Mouwen, and potential employers. Additionally, current interns were also happy to share their experience with the representatives of the university. Also noteworthy is the fact that TOA offers very good accommodation to its interns which was brought to the attention of the university officials.

Furthermore, the traineeship opportunities are not only a chance for one to develop job habits but also a true educational path that includes certified trainings that cultivate new skills. The students’ progress is also closely followed owing to the regular assignments interns are set to accomplish.

The cooperation will be negotiated further in the coming weeks and at the end of March the academy will deliver a presentation at Plovdiv University. After the presentation, interested students will have the time to ask questions and receive more details about the traineeships.