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This platform describes the Spanish educational system through fifty short videos that analyze primary schools.

The project „Audiovisual materials and strategies for new times of international dimension“ has been one of the best educational innovation proposals of this university, and has created this platform in English and Spanish at or

The pandemic promoted teletraining and the need to create rigorous materials to replace face-to-face teachers in classroom. In this scenario, the students obtain the information by means other than the traditional ones, that is, they follow the strategies of the networks. Thus, this website follows the approaches of YouTube, showing with short videos how a school is. The use of visual strategies moves away from the speeches of the master classes and in the pandemic they have demonstrated their effectiveness as complementary material to the traditional one. The videos show real situations of a school, and can be useful for people who want to know or go to a Spanish school. This is the case of Erasmus students, but also families, administrations or teaching teams from various educational fields, can incorporate these resources as a complementary tool to their lessons.

This sense of support for students extends beyond the use of a visual methodology and the use of the English language, thus following integration and accessibility standards, so that all people can both receive information (understand, navigate and interact with the Web), and also interact with comments. This accessibility benefits both people with and without disabilities, for example: people of varying ages and knowledge on the subject; people with limitations due to their location; using mobile phones, smart TVs and other devices.

It is especially interesting the participation and the comments of each video that allow us to know the personal experiences in each country. In short, it is an innovation project framed in a new scenario of Post-Pandemic, Teletraining, Globalization and internationalization, where we must face the challenges of change, improvement and innovation in response to the new demands of society.


Why ORGTRANSPARENT? This denomination derives from a global work where it is necessary to show the interior of public institutions in a transparent way, opening a window to the operation of schools, and other entities such as hospitals, etc. This is a path to the democratization and knowledge of these organisms, and of what happens inside our public institutions. On other occasions, these websites are loaded with commercial, ideological or other interests.

The design of the videos shows basic contents of the educational system: what the management team does, how it is done in a meeting of teachers, or the Pedagogical Coordination Commission, or how a didactic unit is made. Fundamental and rigorous ideas are shown, seeking with this format the introduction into the operation of each of the components of a school, and seeking to reach people who are unaware of this subject, who are approaching it for the first time, or who from different contexts want to have those references.

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